Wednesday, March 30, 2011

First test using MOTU Volta + Expert Sleepers ES-3

I just made my very first test with MOTU Volta + Expert Sleepers ES-3 controlling my Eurorack modular:

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I have to admit that even though I was aware that the timing would be sample accurate, I'm still blown away by the preciseness of the results. Since Volta does all the envelope generation, triggering and legato/slew limiting, the results sound like a VST/AU, but still have that analogue character to it. Best of both worlds.


Another great thing about Volta is that you could build a modular setup with half the modules you'd normally need. You don't need any modulation sources anymore; it's all handled by Volta.

I highly recommend Volta + ES-3 combo for everyone tampering with modular synths.


  1. Hi, I'm missing some of your point here. Why are you using both?

    I have the es-3 and the only thing I dislike is that I need to set my soundcard to a much lower sampling rate than I want to use for recording, mixing.

    Therefor I'm thinking about Volta, since you'd be able to run at 96 or 192 kHz. Any ideas on that? Curious why you're using both.

  2. Volta is a software. ES-3 is a eurorack format hardware module which inputs ADAT and outputs CV. You're probably mixing up the ES-3 and Silent Way plugin set? Volta requires you to use DC coupled DA outputs which my audio interface didn't have at the time. That's why I opted to using ES-3 with Volta.

    Then I had lots of issues with Volta software. The most frustrating ones were the tuning issues: 90% of the time the oscillator tuning/calibrating didn't work at all. Once I switched to using Silent Way, all my problems were gone. These days I highly recommend using Silent Way plugin set.