Wednesday, March 30, 2011

First test using MOTU Volta + Expert Sleepers ES-3

I just made my very first test with MOTU Volta + Expert Sleepers ES-3 controlling my Eurorack modular:

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I have to admit that even though I was aware that the timing would be sample accurate, I'm still blown away by the preciseness of the results. Since Volta does all the envelope generation, triggering and legato/slew limiting, the results sound like a VST/AU, but still have that analogue character to it. Best of both worlds.


Another great thing about Volta is that you could build a modular setup with half the modules you'd normally need. You don't need any modulation sources anymore; it's all handled by Volta.

I highly recommend Volta + ES-3 combo for everyone tampering with modular synths.

Monday, March 28, 2011

New gear purchases

Got some new gear for my studio this month.

The most important purchase was Millennia HV-3C mic pre amp. I've been using RME Fireface 400's internal mic pres for now and I felt that the quality could be improved with this baby here. I wasn't wrong. This mic pre sounds quite smooth, transparent and natural :) I'm currently using it with my AKG C414XLS and DPA 4091, but I'm planning on buying Gefell UM930 as my main mic for most duties and a matched pair of Gefell M300's for stereo recording. I would imagine HV-3C and the Gefells would be a killer combo.

I also purchased Expert Sleepers ES-3 ADAT to CV converter (Eurorack module) to be used with MOTU Volta. These allow me to have sample accurate control and timing with my Eurorack modular synth. The super tight timing is really important if you write dance floor stuff like electro-house etc.

Expert Sleepers ES-3:

MOTU Volta:

Sennheiser HD25-1 II Pro headphones will be used from now on for tracking and headphone mix checking. They're closed back models so they don't bleed out sound to the mic during tracking vocals and acoustic instruments.

And finally: Larrivee B-03RE acoustic bass. I've wanted to buy a good acoustic bass for years now. I'm not much of a bass player, but I like the idea of just sitting on my couch, computer turned off, and composing new music with it. I'm also going to incorporate it into some of my dance floor productions. I'm thinking of using it for progressive/electro-house genres as well as more traditional groovy trip-hop and so on.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

New Song: Kraku - There And Back Again

Here's a new song I wrote:

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Gear used:

Logic Pro 9
Native Instruments Battery 3
LennarDigital Sylenth1
GForce M-Tron Pro
Eurorack modular synthesizer

Cytomic Glue
IK Multimedia CSR
SoundToys EchoBoy


It'll be interesting to hear what this track sounds like tomorrow, when my ears have a few hours of rest from listening this track non-stop. I hope the mixing doesn't suck completely...